Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I ... I ... I kind of want it

Well, color me surprised - Apple announced a tablet that pretty much covers the bases of what I want. How weird is that? The big deal to me would be things like battery life, how easy it is to type on it, and whether it would indeed have a word processor. It turns out, it'll have excellent battery life (10 hours) and there will be a word processor for sale at launch (probably some apps, too). Here's the kicker, it looks like there will be a nice mechanical keyboard for it. The picture is from Engadget and shows you how it will work.

Setting up a laptop at a Borders or Panera is a real pain for me. I also hate having to fight for electrical outlets. This thing has enough battery life where that won't be a problem. It seems like a rather elegant solution, if it works the way I'm hoping it will. Hopefully the Apple store will get some demo models so that I can check it out.

I think the price is reasonable -- they have 6 models ranging from $499 to $829 with differences being in memory and 3g ability. All of this can easily be found online - so, check it out. I think I may end up selling my laptop and getting one. Here's the kicker, though -- while it seems really good for me, I'm not sure how many people it will really be appropriate for in the end. No way to know until it's on the market.

I do like that they have a well thought out plan to bring newspapers subscriptions right to the iPad. I could definitely see myself getting the New York Times on it. Apple already has an ebook store ready to go. Anything that sells more books, I'm all for! Anyway, that's my two cents. It'll be interesting to see what else comes out about it over the next few months until the release.

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