Saturday, January 23, 2010

I think I can, I think I can ...

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Yay, it's rumor week! Lots of interesting things are being announced next week, so the rumors are flying fast about what will actually be revealed. Of course, the big one is what will Apple be revealing at their event on the 27th. The funny thing is, everyone is sure it's their new tablet -- but, Apple never said that. The hype has gotten so big, though they don't have a choice. They have to reveal one now.

So, is anyone interested in getting a tablet? If so, what do you want in it?

In my little fantasy world, I'd have a tablet that was easy to type on -- so, I could write on the go easily. I hate setting up my laptop; it's bulky to carry around. My handwriting sucks, even I can't read it. So, a tablet with a good interface would be brilliant. However, I don't see how, with current tech, they could do it. Touchscreen keyboards are too sensitive, you get errors a lot. So, I love the idea of it, but in practice -- I dunno.

As far as for content, I already have a PSP and laptop that can pretty much do anything with media. So, I'm not sure. I'll keep an open mind and see what they announce. I do like the rumor that they want to help old media - like newspapers - survive. If it becomes the default e-reader, I'll end up buying one.

The second announcement, although receiving far less press, is the new Capcom game announcement. It was shown with a graphic exclaiming the collaboration between Microsoft and Capcom like this: Capcom X Microsoft.

That's kind of interesting, because there have been many crossover games in Capcom's history, some have even used the same style image -- so, no one is really sure what's going on. Is it a game that uses both Capcom's and Microsoft's IPs? Is it just an exclusive game for the 360? I'm really interested to see what it turns out to be though. Rumors I've heard have been a crossover fighting game, an RPG using both characters from both companies, and even a new Killer Instinct game developed by Capcom on the SFIV engine.

It could easily be something stupid, too.

Of course, the real reason I'm writing this blog is to avoid doing any REAL writing. I want to work on my short story. I almost always get to a point in my writing where I feel like the story is worthless and I should just give up. It's a kind of nasty hopelessness that I don't really enjoy. It's really, really hard to work on something that you think is garbage, too. It really just comes from self-doubt and a lack of confidence. At some point, I'll just have to power through it ... right now though, it's powering my procrastination.


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