Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poll! Poll! Pole! Poul?

It has been decided. I know what book I'm working on next. Little story bits keep popping into my head. The cool thing about it is, I think there could actually be three sequel lines that follow from it. One would be YA, one more adult, and one kind of all ages. Still, that's getting ahead of myself. The setting and plot have to kind of pull together into this lump of words first.

However, I'll continue to keep developing my new screenplay, as well. I really would like to enter it into that competition. So, duel development ... scary.

I figured out how to put polls on my blog :) Go me! If you have a moment, please answer the poll on the sidebar - it's completely based on your own first impression, so don't over think it! I'm just trying help focus some ideas, so even if just 5 or 6 of you vote, it'll help!

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