Thursday, December 17, 2009

They're all fighting each other in my head!

Although it's painful, I made myself the promise that, should my screenplay win, I would stop playing video games until I finished my next book. This was a stupid, stupid, dumb-dumb head idea ... but, I mean, what the hell, there was zero chance I would win.

In the midst of celebrating the joyous news that I did win the horror genre, the pale memory of the promise came over me. You know I'm going to get some kind of kick-ass game for Christmas now, just to mess with me. Ugh. Anyway, I've come up with a couple exceptions to the "no games" rule.

1) If I'm invited by friends or family to play. This happens less than you think, but if my girlfriend wants to play Buzz! or 1 vs. 100 or my nephew and his friends want to play some L4D2, I shouldn't give up totally on social interaction completely.

2) I can play portable games if I'm in a situation or at a location where writing isn't really appropriate.

3) If I'm notified the world is ending, I can finish the most recently released Shin Megami Tensei game.

Otherwise, what's left is to decide which book it's going to be. I have multiple options here - I'm just not sure what I'm feeling, because I want to work on them all. Here are the ideas I kind of have to work with:

1. Shiloh's Way sequel (high fantasy)
2. Sea of Clouds book (new world, cloudships, political intrigue, pirates, etc - Jules Verne-type thing)
3. Modern steampunk book - mix of steampunk tech & magic - very big picture, lots of diverse teams coming together to fight a big bad.
4. YA book about a team of gifted teens trouble-shooters. Very quirky, very giant robot/super-science type stuff.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Those all sound great! And Congratulations!!

    I think I would probably go with Shiloh's Way, as High Fantasy is more my thing than the other categories. The steampunk book and the YA book also sound very appetizing.

    I know what you mean about cutting off games. I did nothing game related all semester (including reading Kotaku *easier bc of GameStop trashtalk*) and now I'm SOOOOO behind, as if I wasn't already before.