Saturday, December 5, 2009

What's going on ...

So, here are my plans heading into the new year. I've just submitted one short story to a publisher - it sucks. I expect to hear back that my e-mail has been banned from ever submitting again, which is ok -- it was mainly an exercise. The next story, however, I really want to dedicate a lot of time towards getting it right. It's a retelling of a Greek myth in a modern urban setting. The story that's kind of stuck to me has involved another character of mine ... one that I haven't written about yet. I tried to ask her to leave the story, but she refused, so I'm stuck with her. In any case, it should be interesting. I hate sharing too much before I actually write something -- for some reason, it makes it harder to write ... so, I'll post the plot when I've done the first draft.

I'm cleaning up my screenplay for one last contest. I think it's come a long way, although it probably needs some more touching up in the dialogue department. I just re-read it for the first time in months, and I actually kind of like it. You have to understand, this is a rare thing: I rarely like anything I write.

Once the short story is submitted (early January), I'm thinking about actually writing this weird amalgam novel of all the genres I like. The basic set-up would be kind of a modern steampunk setting where a whole bunch of disparate teams start moving towards this showdown threat that could possibly destroy the world. It would have magic, science, demons, soldiers, hackers, mercenaries, airships, and "goddamn fucking elves," (to quote one of the characters).

Who knows if it will happen ... we'll see in January.

Oh, and by the way, here's my current JPop obsession - MiChi ... watch the video, it's cool song. Love it!

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