Sunday, April 29, 2012

The discovery is the thing!

It's always fun to find something new. It's that explorer/adventurer nature in us. Part of the reason I write is to explore new places, even if it is just something I created. It's new, exciting, and I never know where my story is going to go.

So, today I set up a Roku streaming device -- mainly because there are a couple channels my 360/PS3 don't have. However, I've found a ton of content I never expected. There are a surprising number of cooking channels. That's fun; I do like food.

More importantly, there are some great music channels! One of the things I miss most about college is the strangely organic and viral way that new music infects you. Everyone is looking for a new sound and is excited to share. Once you're in the "real world," it almost becomes work to find new songs.

One of the channels I loaded up was SomaFM -- wow, there are a bunch of amazing, eclectic stations with a diverse selection of genres. I often like to listen to music when I write; it inspires me. Having all this new music where I can simply switch between trance or world music at touch is fantastic.

Anyway, check it out online - you don't have to have a Roku! SomaFM is commercial free and listener supported. If you do like it and start listening, you might want to consider a donation! You can listen and check them out here.

On the writing side, I solved a major plot/motivation issue in the writing assignment I'm working on. I'll be starting the write up the proposal tomorrow. Fingers crossed - I'd love to get hired. I think I have a really strong story for this. It'll be nice to have some new music to write to!

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