Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yes, I'm obsessed with Nova ...

I have had a somewhat productive week. I submitted a rewrite proposal to a studio, and, while I am not confident I will get the job, I approached the topic from a total rewrite perpective. So, I may end up doing more with the story. I've become quite fond of the characters.

I also submitted a couple more screenplays to a competition. Screenplay contests are weird beasts, as you're not really in competition with the other screenplays. Your opponent is whoever reads your script. It is quite possible that everyone involved would love the project -- except the one person who reads it first. It's a crazily subjective thing. So, while its fun to try, you can't put too much weight on the outcome. However, a positive placing could really provide some nice returns and coverage.

Marvel also revealed the return of the Guardians of the Galaxy this week ... Including Star-Lord. For those who aren't aware, he was last seen battling Thanos alongside Nova in a pocket universe. That means Nova Prime aka Richard Rider should also be alive.

The problem is Marvel is fixated on creating a new Spider-man light version of Nova set on Earth. I'm fine with both existing - the Nova Corps, after all, normally has many members. But, Rich is one of the few Marvel characters that hasn't ever seen a significant retcon. He has a relatively linear line of growth as a character. His connections through the Marvel cosmic arena make him an awesome human point of view out in the alien wilds. Here's hoping that Marel comes to their senses and does this right.

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