Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's in a name?

I have actually finished another short story. As I previously mentioned, next on the schedule was work on a new novel set in a new world, but I may actually try and pump out one more short story -- it'll kind of be a trifecta of stories for three different anthologies. I think I could adapt the opening of Blackburn Burrow into an interesting ghost story. I have another purpose for doing this. I'd like to establish the literary world of Blackburn Burrow to give me a bit more leverage if I ever get a chance to sell the screenplay. WGA guidelines state that a screenwriter maintains the literary rights to his screenplay -- however, often, these are signed away when the screenplay is optioned. If I've already published stories with the characters, that is more likely to come off the table.

Of course, that situation is kind of like wondering how to invest your lottery winnings -- fun to think about, but it's highly unlikely you'll ever have to actually deal with the situation.

In any case, this story is due to the editors for consideration by the 28th, meaning I only have a couple days in which to edit. A couple people have a agreed to read it, which is a bit embarrassing -- it's a mess right now. However, I really need feedback, so if any of you want to read it, contact me on Facebook or through e-mail.

It's so fresh off of being completed, I haven't even titled the thing yet. Usually, I have a title at the beginning or quite early on. Nothing has jumped out at me yet, which is a bit scary. It makes me wonder if the story isn't full realized enough. Oh well, everything is a learning experience. I'll just wait until I hear back how stinky it is from my friends and go from there!

Let me share my current OCD song -- meaning, I'm completely fixated with it. Besides name-checking all sorts of amazing people, it's got a really amazing, motivating message - no wonder Nike snagged it for a commercial. However, this is the band's video, not Nike's:

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