Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My most recent short story is off to the anthology editors. I don't have very high hopes, unless they're open to a sorta good story that needs some pacing adjustments. Short story editors usually aren't. When looking at a novel, it's a lot easier to deal with those sorts of changes, but I'm not sure I'll be given that opportunity for this. So, it's time to move on. I want to write a quick ghost story based on Blackburn Burrow and submit that within the next couple weeks, then it's probably some Shiloh's Way editing before actually starting work on a new book.

I've written a pretty good amount of fiction over the last few months, so I'm happy about that ... but, I'm not convinced any of it is really good. Not only that, work is extraordinarily stressful right now as I'm responsible for way more than I should be, and I'm being asked to do some stuff way, way outside my job description. I really don't mind helping, but it's putting me in uncomfortable situations, and I feel like my core job is suffering because of it. I'm afraid these circumstances may be used against me during my review, even though it wasn't my choice to be placed in this situation. So, yeah ... stressful.

On a happier subject, there are a lot of fun games coming out this month. The Nintendo DS is going to have a HUGE month, too. Of course, the biggest release is going to be the new Pokemon update -- I'll be getting both versions so that my girlfriend and I can play together. Besides Shin Megami Tensei (awesome game, always), I'm looking forward to Infinite Space an awful lot. It's for the Nintendo DS, and it's a space opera RPG where you can find blueprints and build your own starships. You can even recruit a crew from over 100 people and then build a fleet. It just looks like a lot of fun. Check out the trailer below:

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