Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Insert blah-style descriptor here

I feel like I'm stuck in the end of summer doldrums. Everything is so meh ...

I've been working on a lot of projects, but none are progressing at the speed I'd like. I just haven't really been able to take a moment to recharge.

I'm also bummed that the inaugural season of the National Women's Soccer League is complete. I haven't really been a huge fan of any teams since college, so it was a lot of fun to have a team to cheer for and cry over (the Seattle Reign, in case you were wondering).

A lot of people probably didn't even know that there is a professional women's league in the US. Their loss. The quality of gameplay was excellent. Even better, there were a bunch of intenational's playing - amazing players like Jessica Fishlock, Christine Sinclair, Kaylyn Kyle, Renae Cuellar, and others that really gave the game some spectacle and flair.

Plus, you have to give props that they made every game available for viewing online, so you never had to miss a match. I'm hoping for some expansion teams for next season. Maybe one day, we'll get one in Florida.

Considering how many games I watched this season, I better get a lot of writing done before the next one comes around! It's a fun addiction, though.

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