Thursday, August 8, 2013

Starting anew!

Hello, blog! Long time, no type.

I've been working on a lot of projects, one of the most time-consuming is called real life. I'm a little skeptical about how it's going to turn out, but I can't really stop it now. So, first a quick update.

Blackburn Burrow, my horror/adventure screenplay is still under option for a few more months at Amazon Studios. The comic books they commissioned by Ron Marz and Matthew Dow Smith have all been released on Amazon, so go get them! Ron Marz always tells a good story, and I adore Matthew Dow Smith's art style.

Now, I have talked with a lot of people about the adaption, and the consensus has been that they'd rather keep the creatures alive rather than undead, because they're unique and new. And, by a LARGE margin, people don't want Merrin to be a romantic interest of Mister's. I wrote the screenplay with teen girls and women in mind in order to provide a good role model on the screen. Women don't have to have a man to kick butt or be a strong character. It gets shoehorned into so many stories where it doesn't need to be. The adopted father/daughter relationship between Mister and Merrin is a selling point. It's different. It makes her much stronger, as well, as she's more of the focus.

However, while I would love Amazon Studios to stick to the original premise, I understand if they want to go another way. That's the movie business -- just like I enjoyed the comics that were very different, I'd enjoy the move the studio made. If they choose to pass on the option, I won't give up on it. Blackburn Burrow has a lot of promise! It doesn't need a huge budget -- I think that would actually hurt the film. I'd prefer intimate horror to big set pieces. Anyway, I'm happy however it goes.

I do know one thing, though -- after seeing Amazon's pilots for TV shows, they put out a great product. It would be in good hands with them. If it comes back to me, maybe I'll turn it into a novel.

Speaking of novel's -- Shiloh's Way is off being edited right now. This is more of a content edit and critique to help me shape it up. I'm seriously considering putting it in the Kindle store for people to check out once rewrites are out of the way. It's pretty unique for a fantasy novel, but it still needs a LOT of work.

I am currently working on a new project that I'm developing in a different manner. I've got the structure, and I kind of want to write it into that framework. Think of a novel-length haiku, in a way. Sometimes, having a fixed structure can really help focus your writing. It may work, it may not.

I plan on using the blog as a warm-up exercise as I write, so you'll be hearing more about it soon!

Don't forget, the four issues of Blackburn Burrow are still free on Amazon! Go get them, and leave a review -- perferably stating you'd love to see it as a movie! ;)

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