Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did I miss it?!??

So, Blackburn Burrow blew up yesterday, and my blog missed it.

You know, this is the problem having a real job while trying to get a real job writing while still working in my writing and ... well, you know -- playing video games. In other words, the blog needs more attention, especially if I want to really keep everyone up to date.

So, here's the deal: Amazon Studios released the first issue of the Blackburn Burrow comic based on my screenplay! It's a great step in the right direction of selling the screenplay and building interest in it at the same time. It was written by Ron Marz with art by Matthew Dow Smith.

Pretty much everyone covered the release, from the LA Times to Bloody Disgusting. Even better, it shot up to #1 in the Kindle store for free comics/graphic novels. Twitter had tons of messages flitting about and the people in the forums I visited really seemed to enjoy the issue.

It is quite a bit different from my screenplay, but that's Hollywood. It will continue to evolve and change. This really makes me want to complete the novel I'm working on of the story, not to force the movie that way, but just so that the original vision lives on. I'm fine with the changes. It's exciting to see how people deal with the characters I created.

It's been fun coming into contact with some amazingly talented people, too. Idnlove to work with someon them, but I'm so terrible at promoting myself and pushing for those sorts of endeavors. I really need to step up my game.

Sadly, this is a business where if you don't talk about yourself, no one will talk about you ...

I'm just so bad at talking about me. Scary.

Anyway, if you want the first issue, head to Amazon! It's free!

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